Sunday, June 19, 2011

Japan, lately.

{My messy apartment and mixed florals- Top, Zara. Skirt, H&M}

Where did time go?!

I have been living in Osaka for now six months. I remember moving in this little flat downtown Osaka, on a cold night a few days before Christmas, and having to sleep on the floor since I had no furniture yet. It all seems so far away now, yet also so close. Lots and lots have changed, I met some of the loveliest people here (even though it took me a long time), and I feel like I know this city quite well now, I can comfortably bike around it and I have so many favourite spots: I know where to get the best okonomiyaki, the cheapest drinks, the nicest city view, the greenest park, the tastiest onigiri, and I navigate Umeda station like I grew up there. Even my Japanese friends are amazed at my knowledge of the different train lines and roads.

My ultimate favourite thing about this city is Osaka Castle... I just love going running there, especially at night or at dusk, and I love how many cats hang around the park.

{Beautiful, tall Osaka-jo!}

{This cat spit out a hairball right after this photograph was taken}

{Mew mew}


Michi said...

So beautiful and peaceful. I always enjoy your dreamy posts about Osaka. :)

Miyan said...

i think its so funny when cats spit up hairballs, its so weird...
have a great weekend!


Helen Vine Illustration said...

i really love your blog