Friday, June 10, 2011

Hotaru: Fireflies

One of my favourite memories of Japan, to this day, is seeing fireflies last year in a rural part of Kagawa prefecture, outside of Marugame. I remember picking them up and watching them glow- it was my first time ever seeing fireflies, and it's such a beautiful memory.

Hotaru ホタル, as they call fireflies in Japanese, only come for a very short time in June. If you live in the countryside, I highly recommend going to explore around the rice fields and clear water late at night, as it's such a beautiful experience. In the cities, you may need to get a bit more creative, but some parks and river banks surely host fireflies.

In Japan, I love how seasonal things, such as cherry blossoms, leaves changing colours, or fireflies are celebrated events.


Anonymous said...

I love fireflies, too! It's so magical when they light up at night. I used to catch them in jars when I was little, stare at them and then let them fly away when I was satisfied.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I have never seen a firefly, must add that to my list!