Friday, June 17, 2011

Dotonbori and Kuidaore.

To me, Dotonbori is the pure essence of Osaka. This street that stretches between Dotonbori Bridge and Nipponbashi in the heart of Namba embodies everything that makes Osaka... Osaka.

A former pleasure district and famous for its theaters, Dotonbori is now a jungle of neon lights, karaoke parlors, takoyaki food stalls, gaudy (perhaps even grotesque) oversized mechanized signs, and mostly populated by young trendsetters and host boys sporting pineapple hairstyles. Dotonbori epitomizes all the flamboyance and extravagance that is Osaka.

Did you know that Osaka has its own word to describe its food culture? Osaka is famous in Japan for its delicious cuisine and overabundance of fare. Kuidaore is a Japanese word literally meaning: "to ruin oneself by extravagance in food" Kuiadore is associated with the Dotonbori street food culture, and Japanese people are familiar with the expression: 京の着倒れ、大阪の食い倒れ, which translates to: "Dress (in kimonos) till you drop in Kyoto, eat till you drop in Osaka".

Well, Kansai is definitely the right place for me to live...

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Michi said...

Mmmmmmm I can't to travel to varying Asian countries and try all of the street food you and other bloggers have been posting about. :)