Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Night thoughts

Today, I'm thinking about...

* It's the last day of May. It was kind of a long, lonely month, even though I did tons of fun stuff and made new friends: day trips to Kobe and Kyoto, cozy caf├ęs and bike rides, house parties and week nights dinners in Umeda. I had a blast, and I've actually made an effort to say yes to any activity or event, and it has been nice. Regardless, it also required a lot of effort for my non-outgoing self, and I wish that isolating feeling would go away forever. I wonder how I'll look back on Japan when I'm gone? Either as the loneliest time of my life, or the most fun. I think it will be the latter... To be fair, my weekends have been fun-filled lately.

* I'm seriously obsessed with onigiri. Not only do I own a special onigiri lunchbox, but I discovered yet another amazing food stall right in Umeda station that sells fresh (read: warm) onigiri in any fillings you can dream of. I feasted on a shrimp concoction tonight for dinner. I wish I wrote down the name of the place, but I left so quickly to go eat my grub. I'm on the quest for the best onigiri in Osaka, please tell me about other places, or which flavours I should try.

* Having lots of time on my own also made me think about my life here in Japan and thinking that perhaps I should *start* thinking about putting an expiration date on it. Gasp! Not because I don't love it... because I do, and I cannot even imagine leaving this place. But for other reasons, such as restlessness, an ongoing wanderlust, and perhaps wanting to try to stay still for a little bit. I miss my friends, I miss my family, and my biggest fear is to start feeling resentful towards Japan and its culture, which I love oh so much, but also knowing that staying longer could get difficult.

* Stripes, florals, stripes, florals. Hello, summer.

* I have yet to see my first seasonal cockroach. I'm waiting for him impatiently, as I know the day will come, and I want to get it over with. Please turn up soon, the anticipation is worse than the actual situation.

* My dear friend Isabel is coming to Japan for a visit at the end of the summer, I am counting down the days until a Visabel reunion. Happy times!

* My Japanese friends invited me to eat some Fugu, which is pufferfish. In other words, the lethally poisonous fish if not prepared properly. When in Japan...


Kelly said...

Love this post :) CUTE dress!! I love it. Yay to visiting friends and boo to un-welcomed cockroaches!!

Jen said...

Aw, I can't even think about you leaving Japan! But, I know the day will come. I don't even want to think about roaches in your apartment. Yuck! So, I will think about you and Isabelle hanging out in a couple short months! That is a lovely thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you eat the fugu yet?!? How was it?
When you leave Japan you should move to New York :-)

B said...

Hi There. I've been reading your blog for some time now but this is my first comment. This post struck me as very similar to my own situation. Both about the lonliness and the Japan expiration date.

May was a horrible month for me, especially Golden Week - with so much free time it's really easy to start questioning yourself and missing home/friends/family. Things are getting better now that I'm finding things to do though. Joining a local club was a good decision.

I recently moved to Japan about 5 months ago for work, and while I enjoy it and it's potential career building prospects, I always wonder to myself, "Does this stay in Japan have an expiration date?" Even with a good job, it's really difficult to say that I'll stay here for any long period of time. I guess for us foreigners there's always that thought that being in Japan is only temporary, and by far, that's majority of us.

Hang in there, and I think you'll know exactly what to do when the time comes.

Best of luck!

Dustin said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now. So far I can somewhat relate to your posts in terms of living in the Kansai Area. I studied at Kansai Gaidai in Hirakata (Near Osaka and Kyoto) for about 4 months.

Onigiri is the BEST! If you get the chance to visit again, that would be great because I want to go there. I'm coming to Osaka this July/August to visit my girlfriend.

As the Japanese say..."Ganbatte!"

Vivian said...

Thanks, Dustin! You must be excited to visit Japan again... let me know when you're here, I'll write you about where to go and where exactly you can find this heavenly onigiri!!

Vivian said...

Hey B- thanks for your great comment.

Where in Japan do you live?

Yes, Japan can be difficult. It's such an exciting place, but it can get so lonely, especially when you're sick or when things are not going too well.

Keeping busy is the best way to deal with those issues, and it's a great way to meet people. Please email me! :)