Saturday, May 28, 2011

Recipe: Onigiri

My onigiri lunch box.

Onigiri are rice balls containing various fillings, ranging from tuna, salmon flakes, vegetables or meat. They're easy to make and carry around for a quick snack, or as part of a lunch. You can buy then at the convenience store, but somehow they taste so much better when freshly made.

Here is an easy recipe, if you want to try.



* Freshly cooked rice
* Sheets of nori seaweed
* Salt
* Fillings (I like salmon, tuna or shrimp mixed with a tiny bit of mayonnaise. Popular fillings include bonito flakes with soy sauce, chicken, pickled plum, and any other fish or meat goes. Bamboo is a great vegetarian option).

Wet your hands with cold water and sprinkle them with salt. Make a small ball of cooked rice, dent it in the middle, stuff it with the filling, and close it back.

You can keep it in the shape of a ball, or make a triangle.

Wrap a sheet of seaweed around it.

You can carry it into plastic film, or in a special lunch box like mine. Traditionally they're wrapped in a bamboo leaf. But I like my lunch box so much!



Anonymous said...

Omg, someone went to Japan and brought me back a little plastic triangle form and had no clue how I was supposed to use it! Now I know :-)

How big is your lunch box? The size of on onigiri?

Vivian said...

Yes, the size of an onigiri! I'm in love with it.

kansai kids said...

I love round shapes onigiri more for my lunch box, since it allows for more creativity, making those silly faces and animals, :)