Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rain, rain, rain

Late May marks the beginning of rainy season in Japan. It means rain, rain, rain every single day for the whole month of June. I like the sound of the rain and I like the fresh smell of after the rain, but I don't enjoy soaked shoes and a frizzy mane.

Yet, I don't let the rain bring me down or change my plans- I still ride my bicycle in the rain (one hand illegally holding an umbrella) and take up opportunities to go out. Thank goodness for Hunter's rain boots and hooded sweaters.

The next four weeks might be a little more boring and grey than usual, but then again, maybe not. Hello, iced coffees and movie marathons and sleeping to the sound of the rain.


thevoyageofv said...

I agree, I really love the rain when I'm indoors and can get cozy with some soup and a movie, but leaving the house...? No.

thedarkmartini said...

This is an example of why I keep coming back to your blog every week---aside from the interest in Japan factor. I just love your attitude about everything. By the way, it's awesome that you ride a bike whilst holding onto an umbrella. Something tells me if I tried that, I'd crash into something!

- Carmen.

Vivian said...


Thank you so much!! One of the nicest comments I've ever had :)
I try to always keep positive, even though it's not easy while being kind of isolated here...

And I can text while biking too.. I try not to do it.