Sunday, May 29, 2011

Osaka Station City

That's the new look of Osaka station.

The area around JR Osaka station is called Osaka Station City. Within a few months, this whole structure magically materialized, and the landscape looks completely different. If you have not been to Osaka in a little while, the Umeda (main downtown) area is unrecognizable. Umeda was a scary maze to begin with, and now it's even more confusing and massive, but a lot more exciting as well. Two new luxury department stores have opened (Isetan and Mitsukoshi), on top on the already existing Hankyu, Hanshin, and Daimaru. Phew. Enough designer perfumes, handbags, and glittery accessories to make your head spin. I am completely overwhelmed, I have never seen so many brands put together before. I'm in heaven (and hell).

My favourite parts: Top Shop (obviously, although tiny and overpriced unlike its British counterpart), and a LaDurée macarons shop complete with the actual salon de thé, just like in Paris. Dreamy.

Osaka has always been Tokyo's dirty, uncouth cousin, but with the new look of Umeda, Osaka is looking quite refined and sophisticated. Someone please keep me away from Top Shop, too many things my heart desires and cannot afford.


Ring of Fire said...

Did you ever name your new bike?

Vivian said...

Yes!! I decided on Rosa :)

joanne hegarty said...

That sounds interesting ! I am liking your stories on life over there.

Ring of Fire said...

excellent choice! (btw, I changed my name but I that was my suggestion, so maybe I'm biased.)

Vivian said...

Ring of Fire- oh, I knew it was you, I clicked on your profile! Thanks for your suggestion, I really loved it!!

Email coming your way soon :)