Thursday, May 26, 2011

Osaka fare: 551 Horai

Amongst takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and poppy rice cakes, steamed meat buns (or nikuman), are quite famous here in Osaka. Nikuman are made from flour dough and filled with cooked ground pork, spices, and various other ingredients, ranging from pizza to curry. The buns are steamed, and you can buy them at food stalls or convenience stores.

551 Horai is a popular Osaka restaurant that specializes in that particular fare. I always walk past their various branches all over Umeda and Namba during my train transfers, and this evening after work, exhausted and starving, I decided to stop and see if it's as good as it smells.

... and it is! I bought a Nikuman, as well as a cold onigiri (a rice ball), filled with shrimp and squid. I know it does not sound too tasty, maybe I have been in Japan for too long, but I do love eating squid. It was an affordable, not-too-unhealthy Thursday night take out dinner.

That restaurant is also renowned for its gyoza (dumplings). And hey, wherever there is a long queue in Japan, means it's probably worth trying.

{Such beautiful packaging, my onigiri wrapped in a leaf}


Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Send me some, send me some!

Samurai Shonan said...

I love Nikuman too, especially when I go to Yokohama China Town. Butaman though and some sort of veggie ones are my favorite. One day after I bought one and got on the train, I started to eat it. Halfway finished, I thought it was the worst one I ever had. But then I realized I was eating the paper with it that was stuck on the bottom. People were watching me eat it.

Michi said...

Oh, these look divine! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love dumplings!

Kelly said...

mmm! sounds good! although the squid sounds questionable. i'm definitely a texture person when it comes to food. have a great weekend, little lady! xx