Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I finally joined Mixi, the biggest social network of Japan. It's similar to Facebook in many ways, but so different at the same time. It's all in Japanese, and you need a Japanese mobile phone address to set up an account, so it's limited to those who reside in Japan.

I decided to join to practice reading and writing Japanese, and maybe keeping in touch with my Japanese friends. Unlike Facebook, you don't write messages on your friends' profiles, but rather write a blurb about how you know each other and what are your friend's best qualities and personality traits.

Also, most users don't use their real names or pictures, mostly just nicknames and random images. It's a lot less open than Facebook is, and well, it does reflect Japanese culture in people keeping their lives very private. The only thing is, you can view who exactly visited your profile, so I guess my stalker ways would have to end there... oops.

I only have one friend now, which is quite pathetic. If you're on Mixi, please look me up. I find it difficult to find my friends, but I've been learning quite a bit of kanji characters.


Jeffowick said...

I had a mixi account once(there used to be a loophole that allowed people without Japanese cell phones to get an account if they had a .edu e-mail address) But after a month or so of not having any friends, Mixi kicked me off for failing to make friends! haha... Is facebook popular at all in Japan?


valerie said...

LOL..i'm proud to be your only friend on mixi lol...

Samurai Shonan said...

I have a mixi account but I lost the password. Maybe they kicked me out. All these people that wanted to be my friend were guys. I am a guy, and I did not want to chat with only guys. Was so weird. Have not gotten any messages in a few weeks, so hopefully they kicked me out.

Vivian: Try jisho.org for translating and stuff. Excellent page for your kanji learning. Remembering the Kanji I by Heisig is excellent too.