Thursday, May 12, 2011

Life treats

{Monday night's dinner. So uncouth.}

Easy access to international foods is yet another positive aspect of living in a big city such as Osaka. I spent most of my first year in Japan not craving any particular foods from back home. I love Japanese food, and I think there is so much variety, and I'm still not tired of any of it. However, no matter how tasty Japanese food is, there is an obvious lack of hearty bread, rich chocolates, and international staples such as hummous, pita, foie gras, olives and spices.

My Osaka friends introduced me to Seijo Ishii, an international supermarket located right inside Umeda station. I used to hate Umeda station because it's so crowded and stressful, but now that I'm comfortable around it, I adore it. The import shop has been cheering me up on some rainy, muggy, and exhausting days. Just being able to pick up bagels and cheese, foie gras or Swiss chocolate along with red wine is one of the little ways to brighten up an otherwise forgettable work day in Japan.

Note: Osaka abounds with import food stores. If you live around here, make sure to also check out:

Cave de Yamaya at OCAT in Namba
Ricoche Sennariya in Ebisu bashi shopping arcade
Kaldi Coffee Farm in OIOI Namba (Kaldi is also found everywhere else in Japan, even in the depths of Shikoku}.


French Lover said...

That is so cool. I find that food is one of the things you miss the most after a certain time abroad ;)
J'espère que tu vas bien ! Bisous !

Brenna said...

YAY! I am going through the same thing - I can do without international foods, but if I had access to some black beans I would be ecstatic. I wish we had some good Japanese food around here!