Sunday, May 8, 2011

Did I catch you there on a bicycle, ten steps away from Osaka-jo

I love it.

I inherited this pink ママチャリ (mamachari, or city bike) from dearly missed Eve, and I adore it (the bike, not her departure). Since my beloved, late Blair Buttercream in Marugame was a victim of bike theft, I have been craving some bike riding. It seriously changed my Osaka life. Riding the subway and always being underground does not make you see and appreciate your surroundings. Since I started riding the bike, I discovered so many new neighbourhoods and areas, and suddenly I can easily navigate and understand the city.

Cycling in Osaka is completely different from riding around in the rice fields of Shikoku... it's a bit more dangerous, but quite a bit more busy and interesting. A year ago, when I would take mini trips to Osaka, I never would have imagined that I'd one day be riding my bike on the Dotonbori Bridge or Mido-suji Avenue. It's quite exciting.

Things have been difficult and lonely lately, for so many reasons. But riding the bike gets me so high, and I cannot explain the feeling of freedom and carelessness that is involved with cycling downtown in Namba, amidst the neon lights, crowds, and narrow alleys.

Now, it needs a name. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

The Pink Lady (á la Grease).
I'm sorry to hear that things have been a bit lonely lately, Vivian. I'm always here to talk to if you want to shoot me an e-mail.

Michi said...

The Pink Lady automatically popped into my head, too!!!

I LOVE riding my bike. I got a new one for Christmas, and I was ecstatic. My dream is to someday live in a city where I can ride my bike everywhere - no need for a car. Here in town, I mainly use it to get out of my head and for exercise.

I'm also sorry it's been lonely. This loneliness and perhaps homesickness comes with the territory of being an expat. I hope things will look up for you...sending many positive and warm vibes from the South of Spain. ;)

Jeffowick said...

Senorita Rosa (Miss Pink in Spanish) Lady Rosa or the unstoppable Rosa or Lightning Rosa. haha...I guess you can tell that I really like the name Rosa for your bike.

I too miss bike riding! During my college days, I used to ride my bike everywhere. But I haven't had a chance to do much riding since then. It has been too long, I think one of my first purchases when I move to Japan will be a bike.

Brenna said...

I named my bike Anna ! I loved it but my friend recently BROKE it when she was borrowing it for the weekend. I don't know what I"ll do :(

Jen said...

I love how you know exactly what to do to make yourself feel better when you are having a tough time, and it is always something so healthy and life-enriching!

How about Peppermint Patty? That just popped into my head, and I think it would be such a perfect name for your pretty pink bike. :)

Anonymous said...

What about Roxy?

Leah said...

Maru-chan, after all the good memories of biking through Marugrame. And it's round...