Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, wait.

My boring, lonely, forgettable Saturday consisted of staying up until sunrise trying to reboot my Macbook (success), a morning spent watching Napoleon Dynamite and half of Pretty Woman, a bike ride to the supermarket, an afternoon spent reading at a café, a home cooked couscous dinner, and a (not so) mini phone meltdown (not necessarily in that order). I'm usually quite independent and crave time on my own, but today I felt restless, and perhaps a tad homesick. I considered today a bit of a fail, and I hate that feeling.

That is, until I got a text from a friend from Marugame, who was in Osaka for the night. We ended up meeting at a cozy little bar in north Osaka, catching up on what took place over the last few months, just having a few drinks and reminiscing about the good old times. It was exactly what I needed. One of my favourite parts was the walk home- I decided to walk the 3 km to my apartment and save on cab fare, armed with a 100 yen sandwich wrap from the convenience store, under the warm, misty April rain. I got a little bit lost, and a little bit soaked, but I discovered new neighbourhoods, ran into an acquaintance, and regained some cheerfulness. Then, I realized it was May. I love those kinds of random nights.


Isabel said...

told you :) I love Osaka <3

LH said...

you should come and visit me in Seoul soon!

Michi said...

Your romantic posts keep me coming back. :) I've been feeling terribly homesick lately too, it comes and goes. I'm glad your day ended cheerfully.