Friday, April 8, 2011

Saturday morning in Osaka

Saturday, 10 am.

Saturday is the day I finally get to sleep in a little bit, and I tend to keep the same routine. I go across the street to the French bakery in my pajamas, pick up a few freshly baked croissants and sometimes an olive loaf... thank goodness for this bakery, as decent bread is a very difficult thing to find in Japan. And, everything is labeled in French, so it makes it a lot easier for me. Japan is not the kind of place where people go run errands in their pajamas, but I make an exception for this bakery trip... I think the bakers there know me pretty well by now, they have seen me in my pajamas, but also all dressed up to go out, they probably find me quite entertaining.

Then I crawl back into bed with coffee and some movies and just lounge around for a few hours.



Samurai Shonan said...

I am sure you must look great in those PJ's with a croissant hanging out of your mouth. My lady friend loves those in the morning too. Laying in bed all day and watching movies is fun. Vivian, look up fastpasstv good for movies and tv. But get a good pop up blocker. I use abp. still get pop ups but only two and they are blank.

magdalena viktoria said...

it sounds perfect :)

Brenna said...

Such a cozy picture! You're lucky to have a French bakery next store. You have one even closer than I do, and I live in France :) :)

Christine said...

That's amazing and such a perfect way to spend Saturday mornings :)

Michi said...

Oh that sounds perfectly lovely. I love bakeries and lazy weekend mornings.