Friday, April 29, 2011

Golden Week, round two.

Yesterday marked the start of Golden Week, the busiest (and perhaps longest) holiday in Japan. It contains a stretch of public holidays, such as the Emperor's birthday, Children's Day, Greenery Day, and Consitution Memorial Day. Last year, some friends from Canada came to visit, so we made a little jaunt to Tokyo, then Osaka and Nara with Isabel (banana on escalator, anyone?).

Since everything is overpriced, overbooked and crowded during Golden Week, I decided to stay around Kansai this year and play tourist in my own home. To be fair, since I moved to Osaka I haven't had the time to enjoy it as a visitor, and there are so many sights I still want to see. Or yet, just soak in Kansai and all the beauty it has to offer. I plan on walking around Kyoto, go hiking in Arashiyama, see the Kobe harbour front, find more lovely caf├ęs, pet deer in Nara (of course!), spending time with friends, do tons of cooking, bike riding, running, and lounging around.

I do live in my favourite area of Japan, and I am getting excited to explore it. This time, without uncomfortable overnight buses, tiny youth hostel showers and bunk beds, or cumbersome backpacks.


hoihoi51 said...

came to Kyushu..

Michi said...

Ah, the joy of living in the center of what you love! I'm in the process of leaving provincial Spain, and can't wait to be somewhere I love...