Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Even though it was short-lived, my friendship with Eve was one of those fun, close and comfortable kinds. I met her in Osaka, and she was the ultimate city girl. We shared so much in common, from spending our first respective years in rural Japan and moving to the bright lights afterwards, and loving everything sweet, stylish and sophisticated. My best memories with her are countless sleepovers at my place filled with chocolate and gummy bears, some fun trips to Nara and Kyoto, high tea, more shopping in Shinsaibashi than one can imagine, making our own takoyaki and okonomiyaki, taking fun purikura pictures (the photobooth sticker kind) in Namba, and having an equally girlie friend to share cultural experiences with and endless talks about life and... boys. She was the most outgoing, positive person I have ever met, and I strive to follow the steps she left in Osaka.

I'm thankful for creating such wonderful friendships while abroad, even though people always come and go. However, like-minded friends and fellow wanderlusters are always traveling, so I know I'll meet them again in life.

Eve, Japan will miss you.

{High Tea}

{Macaroons from La Durée on my birthday}

{Me, wearing Eve's pajama!}

{Blurry Christmas-themed purikura}

{Nara at Christmas}


Brandon said...

Nice post! Glad I found this blog.

If you like photography, check out mine!

If you want, follow it. I'll do the same.

magdalena viktoria said...

it's nice to have such sweet memories--and you will meet again for sure. (that's the best part of having international friends)

Isabel said...

Ahh you look so cute as Rirakuma!

Miyan said...

ok.....those pj's are adorable!


thevoyageofv said...

Saying goodbye is the worst, but like you said, wanderlusters always meet again!
Also, those PJs are AMAZING.

Charlie said...

Coincidence! Sarah and I have plans to go to Nagoya on Sunday pretty much for the express purpose of buying Rilakkuma suits like that one. Bahahaha.

Michi said...

Good friends like Eve always make the experience abroad so much more worthwhile. Here's to good friends we make along the way.

Maria said...

Happy Easter!