Monday, March 28, 2011

Wasting the days...

Lately, I've been into...

{Kaputt by Destroyer, a great Canadian band. Oh so dreamy and ethereal... bonus nerd, whale and pretty girls in the same video}

{The return of the seasonal green tea Kit Kat. It may or may not be only available in the Kansai region for the time being}

{Apple tea. I usually don't like apple-flavoured products, but this is nice mixed with some honey. Mmmm}

{Hanging out at cafés in the stylish Horie neighbourhood of Osaka. This cozy one is called Jeudi, and has a luxurious feel. They serve Japanese and French foods, and reminds me a bit of my beloved Taupe in Marugame}

{Hot pink. Last time I wore pink was pre-Korea...}

In other news, it's Spring break in Japan since the new school year starts next week. I don't have a proper break as I have to prepare for the new class, and I'm spending this week fashioning large-scale birds and hearts to adorn my classroom walls. I'm pleasantly surprised at my creative abilities... I'm pretty crafty. I've also been staying up way too late, falling back into my old habits... no, no!

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Nicole Marie said...

green tea kit kat huh?? interesting!

love the pink skirt

being a teacher has made me far more crafty than i ever thought i could be. although i still make my roommates draw pictures for me because my dogs look like horses and my horses look like lizards.