Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post-Traumatic Luncheon


she walked up the city block
breathing whispers of clouds
into the cold february air
curled her fingers into the sleeves of her coat
reaches into a pocket for flat keys
feeling past café receipts with gloved hand
she is classy without being posh, sly, or cocky
something pure
a sigh of shallow air
her peacoat hugs her slender french frame
our age of innocence scampers up concrete stairs
thirty in high-heel boots
in uptown Osaka

Pretty dead-on.
From Matt @ He Been Weatherbeaten. Thank you for the thought, dear friend.

{What do we think about blue shoes? }


French Lover said...

We likey blue shoes :))

Love that first pic.

Bisous, dear.

Judith said...

We love blue shoes! Though we love everything blue, so this might not be helpful ;-)