Monday, March 21, 2011

Kagawa love.

Even though Osaka is safe and my apartment was filled with lovely friends from Tokyo for the past week, it has been a very stressful time. Lack of sleep from constantly checking the news and reading alarming messages from family and friends back home, while trying to reassure everyone (as well as myself) at the same time. I felt completely exhausted and started craving familiar faces and places, so I spontaneously decided to head back to Kagawa for a few days, my former home in the countryside. I needed comfort more than ever, and this was the perfect escape.

As much as I love living in Osaka, things have been hectic, especially lately, and I missed my friends so much. Seeing the rice fields and mountains made me realize how much I had missed it. I felt very low-key, so only saw a few close friends and just relaxed, relaxed, relaxed. Home cooked meals. 90s movies marathons. Card games. Train rides. The best curry ever, complete with daikon. Pancakes, yogurt and peaches. My favourite café in Marugame. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Fresh air. The beautiful, quiet rice fields and noiseless, pitch black nights and starry skies. My friends. Taking care of my friends. Birthdays. Pure bliss.

It all felt so familiar, as if I had never left. It was so good to be back. For a few days I completely escaped the madness and just felt safe and comfortable again. I was sad to leave, but my life is in Osaka now. Those friends and my rural life will always be there and will always be such a big part of my life, and I feel so thankful.

{Back where it all began. Isabel, this one is for you.}

{Rural Japan is so quaint and beautiful}

{The mountains and rice fields of Shikoku}

{Another favourite café in Takamatsu}

{A bunny on my latte makes me happy}

{The Kinako Kotoden train, my favourite, which was pleasantly surprising to see again}

Now I need to be a big girl and crank it up a notch in Osaka...


David said...

I so understand what you have been going through. I was bombarded with messages telling me to get out (If you love me, get out....make me happy and get out....), I actually gave in and booked a ticket to NYC. Canceled it the next morning, though. I am not ready to leave, not even temporarily. I don't believe in making decisions in a panic, and best not start that habit now. I DO believe in strength and resilience and everyday grace and thankfulness and acceptance. I also believe that I, too, will take my Yokohama/Tokyo life up a notch this spring and summer and enjoy the hell out of however long I choose to stay in this country; time to be a big boy now.

Vivian said...

David- thank you for that. how have you been up there? hope everything is okay. i agree with everything you said. i cannot imagine leaving japan, my life is here now, and im thankful for it much more than ever now. and it's comforting you feel the same way about your own life in yokohama/tokyo- it's so much more challenging to find a place in a big city i think.

Michi said...

What a lovely post. I wouldn't mind living in rural Japan - it seems so tranquil and beautiful in your descriptions.
Sending many positive thoughts and prayers your way in Japan, keep a strong soul!

Brenna said...

I'm so glad you're ok! And that you have friends to turn to in the country. Je te souhaite bon courage - stay strong!!

Nicole Marie said...

sometimes escaping city life for a feel days is just what the doctor ordered. i feel so rejuvenated when i visited my parents for the weekend.

Rosemary Brennan said...

Such a sweet post, Vivian. And 90s movie marathons cheer me up like nothing else! I especially love Can't Hardly Wait. Such cheesy fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you were able to unwind a little bit. I can't even imagine what things must have been like over there lately. Sometimes the slowness of the country just can't be beat.

Kelly said...

you paint the best picture in this post! so glad you found those familiar faces and love when you were down. hope things get brighter for you, Vivi :)

Matt said...

I hope things all settle down soon and you can start enjoying Osaka more :)
I'm going to Osaka for the first time in early april. It is a little worrying wondering if its a good idea to come to Japan now.

All the best