Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just another all-nighter in Osaka

Through this blog I've helped a number of newcomers to Japan, by answering questions and sharing my experiences, and I always love to hear from them once they've settled. Abhi was one of the new teachers I had exchanged emails with, and when he told me he was taking a trip to Osaka with some friends and asked me to join them on a night out, I thought why not drop by for a drink. It ended up being so much fun that I stayed all night and forgot about another event I was supposed to attend. Oops.

I was quite surprised and flattered that they had read all of my blog and were excited to hang out with me. I convinced them that I was, in fact, rather boring in real life, but I wanted to show them a fun Osaka night so I took them for turtle ramen (while trying to reassure them and myself that it did not contain actual turtle meat), then out dancing. I accidentally took them to a tranny event at the popular nightclub Onzième, I felt a bit bad but they loved it (and so did I, even though nightclubs are not my scene. Or um, cross-dressing.).

Abhi said that he felt like he knew me since he had read all my adventures, which got me thinking about how much I actually share on this page. I then proceeded to tell him some untold, not suitable for blogging stories, which I hope he enjoyed. Thanks for getting in touch, and for the fun pictures!!

{Nice to meet you!}

{Can you spot the tranny?}


andnever said...

Holy shit, that's Serena in your picture!! I see you've made another Montreal friend :)

Abhishek said...

love the mention buddy, I feel my celeb status growing by the second