Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here and there.

After yet another exhausting week at the kindergarten and struck by weird germs, I decided to have a completely relaxing and selfish weekend to properly recover. I usually surprise myself when I decide to stay in, after all I'm in Osaka and I should be out and about, but that's the beauty of it- I'm not literally missing out, as there always is something going on, and taking a breather is so, so nice.

{Dotonbori Bridge, Osaka}

I spent Saturday afternoon sitting by this canal, coffee in hand, chatting with my lovely friend Anne. It was a sunny spring afternoon, and walking around the crowds in Namba was actually relaxing, as for once I did not have to rush to catch a train.

{Naoshima, Kagawa, April 2010}

I had a long Skype chat with my favourite Tokyoite friend Yoshi, who recently moved to Germany to be with his wife and adorable twins. This picture was taken last year in Naoshima, when he visited me.

{Genki textbook, my new best friend}

I spent several hours at a café, studying hard and I'm pretty happy with my skills. I highly recommend this textbook for anyone who wants to start learning Japanese, it's the Genki series. I remember looking at it last year but finding it so scary, but when I picked it up again a few weeks ago I found myself knowing so much already.

{Tights, Tutuanna. Sweater and denim shorts, Zara. Nail polish, Essie Jazz. }

I stayed cozy in textured tights and a chunky knit sweater. Textures, textures.

{My Sunday lunch + dinner + dinner tomorrow}

I made pizza from scratch (see my easy recipe here), and topped it with aubergine, baby spinach, red peppers and parmigiano (because YES, my Osaka supermarket carries a wide selection of cheeses. Yum.)

And of course, soy caramel macchiatos all the way.

My Sundays used to be more exciting, I remember how much I used to love them (and the extra long weekends)... I am having a weird wave of lassitude now. I guess I need to spice things up a bit and find my place in Osaka.


David said...

I'm feeling the same way about needing to spice things up here in Yokohama. Well, it's my fault, I have been working so much. I think I might move to Tokyo in the future. I feel like throwing myself into the thick of things. I love reading about your life in Osaka.

Vivian said...

Thanks. My life always sounds more fun in writing... I think moving to a bigger city is great, but it can get just as lonely, or even more. Sigh.

lily said...

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