Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lost in Translation.

Vivian, Lost in Seoul.

Three years ago, I typed those words out of my grimy little Seoul apartment... not really addressing anyone in particular or knowing where I would go with this. To be honest, for the first year, I think only two people read it- Jaclyn, my desk neighbour at the school who became such a close friend, and Aaron, who shared that year in Korea with me and who would kindly poke fun at my observations.

So much has happened since then. Little did I know I'd still be writing three years later, but from Japan, in a completely different situation. Life is crazy like that. I believe more than two people read it now, although I'm not even sure most of my friends do. I always get slightly shy and embarrassed when they mention it. It's so exposed, yet so personal, but I'm always thriving to find the right balance between both.

I absolutely adore writing about my adventures here, and I still see it as my own diary... except for the fact that I met wonderful people through this page and created close friendships with fellow writers and wanderlusters, and this has gave me so many amazing writing opportunities for diverse publications, and I'm ever so thankful.

I've also enjoyed helping out newcomers in Japan (or Korea) and answering questions, and hopefully inspiring others to take that plunge and go abroad.... because despite the difficult days, it's so amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my blog.


French Lover said...

Joyeux Anniversaire à ton blog ! Je le lisais, lorsque tu étais à Séoul, et j'adorais déjà voyager à travers tes récits. Merci de partager ta vie avec nous :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to one of my favorite, favorite blogs! Though I can't quite remember how I found Lost in Translation, I'm so glad I did! Getting to know you has been so fantastic and I hope that one day we'll meet in real life. Please don't ever give up your blog; what would I do without it?

Melan said...

I agree with the girl above! One of my favourite blogs! Very encouraging and inspirational :)

London Girl Up North

lyndsey said...

I love your blog! Happy birthday and keep posting :)

{lovely little things} said...

Happy blog birthday! So glad I found your blog and we became friends via blogging! Hope to get back to Japan sometime soon so we can reconnect and see more of what Osaka has to offer!! :)

Rosemary Brennan said...

Happy blog birthday!! I adore reading your blog--I dream of one day traveling to Japan and your lovely writing holds me over until then! XOXO

Coffee_c said...

My dear friend,
I've been a fan since the very beginning and I've read every single entry. Happy blog-birthday Vivi!
Can't wait to see you in Osaka in a few short weeks. We'll have a blast and hopefully, even more fun than last time in Seoul.
You make me want to re-open my own blog, but life in Montreal is so ordinary these days... Keep making me dream! xxx

Emilie Esnault said...

Bon anniversaire Happy Birthday Lost in Translation!!!!
The TravelAvenue Team

Miyan said...

i am happy to have discovered your blog. i love reading your posts & glad to know someone else enjoys the experience of living abroad as much as i do :)

happy birthday lost in translation! :)


Anonymous said...

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