Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Living the cosmopolitan lifestyle in Osaka is quite glamourous, but my job isn't. I usually come home exhausted, with my work polo shirt covered in kindergarten love: hugs, tears, sniffles, germs, drool, paint, glue, markers. I ride the subway home, dressed in faded jeans, Converse shoes and sporting a ponytail, lost among the crowds of polished and impeccable Japanese girls dressed in high heels, sequins, fur and bows. I already stand out so much from my physical features, the last thing I need is to be even more conspicuous from my clothes. Sigh. Living in Japan requires lots and lots of self confidence... "I'm NOT fat... I DON'T look like a boy... Hips and thighs are good... aren't they??... I'm a runner, and I grew up doing ballet... My legs are muscular I guess... I think I'm healthy... hips and thighs are GOOD!!!".


Some days I don't have a care in the world, but some other days it really gets to me.

Those days usually require lots of sparkles, tights and dresses with heart motifs, glittery barrettes, perfume, red wine and dark chocolate, and some phone calls and emails to my friends all over Japan and the rest of the world.

I'm thankful to Japan for turning me into the uttermost femine girl, and for introducing me to impeccable style, sophistication and the importance of always looking put together. I'm not sure I usually achieve all those things (definitely NOT today), but I love how the Japanese pay so much attention to detail and aesthetics, whether it's in fashion, arts, gift wrapping, cuisine, or cultural customs.


Anonymous said...

I fell exactly the same way about Sweden. Not that I have the greatest taste in the world, but it's certainly improved by miles since I first moved here five years ago. Thanks, Scandinavia ;-)

Jen said...

I can see how it would be more intense in Japan, but I think that applies worldwide! I feel that kind of pressure here in the U.S. sometimes. I think it's a global girl phenomenon. Just know that you are beautiful and unique and pretty just the way you are. :)

Merran said...

So true! You sum it up perfectly. I've felt all those things (too many times to count). ^^

Rosemary Brennan said...

I felt this way when I went to New York last fall. I thought I had brought my cutest/most-fashionable clothes but ended up feeling like a frumy country mouse next to all the fashionistas. Agree w/Jen--you're lovely and gorgeous just as you are. Pump some Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are!!" :)

Miyan said...

interesting, i really didnt know how serious they take it over there, but i get it. girls are like that here too, but not to that degree. i totally get you about sticking out though, i scream american in a world of israelis, every.where.i.go! but not complaining :)


Colleen said...
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