Thursday, March 31, 2011



I snapped this photo while running at Osaka castle tonight. Sakura buds are slowly, but surely starting to show up. In a few days, the trees will be in full bloom, for about um... ten days.

French girls love ramen. Anne, my favourite Montrealer in Osaka. She makes me feel so much at home and we confuse our coworkers when we start speaking French in the staff room. The cat she is holding in the picture is called Maneki Neko, which means 'beckoning cat'. In Japan, this cat brings good luck and health to the owner.

Today is the last day of March, and it is probably a good thing. March has been difficult and stressful, and will always bring back sad memories of what took place (and is still taking place) in Japan. Still, I managed to also have some of the happiest moments I've had since coming to Japan, especially with my friends visiting and returning to my beloved Kagawa. I never though I'd say that, but it's so special to me right now.

Oh this note... Real life. Great song for running, too.

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Isabel said...

ahhh I love Tanlines so much