Friday, February 4, 2011


Umeda station (also known as Osaka station, little did I know first time I visited...) is still the scariest and most intimidating place for me in Osaka. It's such a massive train station combining all the different train (JR, Hankyu) and subway lines, and you can literally walk for half an hour and still be in the station, as it takes ages to get from one side to another. It's also the busiest station in Western Japan (Shinjuku station in Tokyo wins first place in the world), as close to 3 million people walk through it daily.

Every time I need to make a transfer at Umeda station I get a tad terrified, and to be honest I've had moments when I was on the verge of tears, getting so frustrated at being lost in that maze. Some of my Japanese co-workers and Osaka residents have told me they still find Umeda station confusing after living here for years.

However, those past few days I've been getting better at mastering Umeda station, and I can proudly say I don't get lost anymore, and it takes me exactly 5 minutes and 22 seconds to make the transfer from the Tanimachi subway line to the Hankyu railway. I don't hate it anymore, I am starting to love walking through it, as there is so much to look at and I can feel how alive Osaka is.

{Umeda station, from outside. I never really go outside to be honest...}

{Hankyu railway, at Umeda station}

{The Hakyu concourse has beautiful architectural details}

{From Umeda, you can get to Kyoto or Kobe in about 25 min}

{Tanimachi is my subway line. Every time I see this sign I'm always relieved I got out alive}


Anonymous said...

You're turning into a local Osaka girl! Now if only we can get your transfer down to five minutes flat... :-)

Melan said...

Wow! That station looks amazing... (far better than anything in England!) probably makes the daily commute a little more interesting!!

London Girl Up North

{lovely little things} said...

It's soo easy to get lost there!