Monday, February 21, 2011

The new me.

{Snapping pics on the train to Takamatsu... circa a year ago.}

So I met her tonight, the new 'Vivian'... my successor in Marugame.

A few weeks ago, I woke up to a friendly email from an Irish girl, telling me she stumbled upon my blog while looking up her new city, Marugame, and would I have any tips to give her. I immediately replied back, divulging she would be my replacement in Marugame, and that she would be getting my apartment and all of my students. We exchanged a few excited emails and I luckily got to meet her tonight, as she is training in Osaka for the week.

She is such a lovely, cheerful girl, and I think she will be so happy in Marugame, and without any doubt a great addition to my old stomping grounds. Yet, it was so odd for me to grasp the fact that she will be living in my little apartment, filled with memories... and biking through the same streets and rice fields, looking at the same sights, going to my favourite cafés, teaching my students I so dearly miss, and hanging out with my closest friends. I know she will shape a completely different life for herself there, and even though I told her all about the amazing things (and less exciting ones), in the end it will be her own experience. She told me how thankful she was for catching a glimpse of her new home through my pictures and writing, as I imagine it would be exciting.

It brought back such intense memories from my time in Kagawa, and it made me very nostalgic. I would never trade my life in Osaka and all the lightheartedness I've been experiencing, but it makes me realize how special Kagawa is for me now. It's this big chunk of my life that is so close to my heart, no matter how much I complained, no matter how many nights I felt lonely and cried. I only remember the good things, and I feel so proud telling my new friends in Osaka that I used to live on Shikoku island- I unfailingly get the same astounded reactions... which I very much love. I realize that living in the countryside has made me so strong and independent, and made me crave some alone time. Even though I live in the midst of neon lights and the best nightlife, shopping, and food I could dream of, I adore my quiet nights alone in my cozy flat, with my music and writing.

It's such a relief to finally be able to talk so fondly of Marugame, whilst feeling so pleased that I made it to my dream city.

{Gorgeous and soothing rice fields.}

{Percy @ Marugame station, train bound for Takamatsu.}

{Quiet night at Kotohira station on the Kotoden line. I'm so fond of those moments.}

{The epitome of happiness, sunshine, bikes, cafés and friendship. I miss you so much Isabel.}

Kagawa, I won't ever forget you.


Jen said...

Aw, that's so sweet you helped your "replacement" transition! I imagine it offers you some closure on that part of your life. You are such a better person for the experiences you have had, and there are so many more in front of you.

{lovely little things} said...

Glad to meet your successor and keep tabs on your little kiddos.

But aren't you glad you're in the big city now?!

Tu-Anh said...

i dont think i ever got a chance to enjoy being alone in new york since i moved in with the boyfriend, but i am finally getting to know how to be alone very well every since he left for shanghai.

Isabel said...

Ohh! It was nostalgic for me to read that! I miss Percy. I miss the rice fields (sort of). I miss you!

Miyan said...

i'm sure its so cool to meet someone after exchanging some e-mails. lovely photos, as always.


thevoyageofv said...

So nice you got to meet her! And good to know the kiddos are in good hands :-) The whole experience must remind you just how far you've come.

hoihoi51 said...

if you miss marugame, this " udon movie" heal you