Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking back.

Umeda station, Monday, 7pm.

Seeing the dear old Sanuki Express bus was such an odd feeling, since I used to always hop on that very bus to escape Marugame, and Isabel and I had such a love and hate relationship with it. Seeing it there at Osaka station made me smile and reminisce of my days in the countryside, as I realized how special it is for me now. As much as I complained, felt lonely and wanted to get away, I have such beautiful memories of that time. I also felt a tad relieved that I did not have to board it back to Marugame, as I remember how suffocating it could feel.

Fast forward to now:

Osaka is still amazing and everything I was wishing for, toddlers are adorable but they drool and cry quite a bit, I now know every kindergarten song and dance there is to know, I FINALLY bought a stove (hmm, did I not mention that I was still missing this bit... my priorities are messed up), I managed to get lost inside Yodobashi Camera (a massive appliances shop), I can easily navigate the subway system as well as the JR lines, I don't get lost at Namba station anymore, I ate the very best okonomiyaki ever (mochi cheese and shrimp) in a little hidden alley, love the smell of takoyaki near Dotonbori Bridge, I don't need to watch movies to fall asleep anymore.

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