Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello, 2011.

{Being couth? Nah, I'm not drinking Asahi....}

While I rang 2010 in the craziest way possible in Tokyo, I felt a lot more low-key this year. I was craving a simple celebration with friends, and good, clean fun. And... fun it was. Some friends from Takamatsu were in Osaka for the break, so I hosted two of the loveliest boys ever (I hope they don't hate me and my friend Eve for having an all-night movie marathon while they were trying to sleep....) and we hit the Shinsaibashi area for the night.

My Japanese friend invited us to a private party at Absinthe, a café/lounge type of place with delicious foods and drinks (including absinthe) and a small dance floor downstairs. We sipped on the most amazing mojitos, mingled a little, had a deadly shot of absinthe and danced late into the night before hopping on a taxi back home. The night ended (or started?) with a mess of chicken McNuggets and mustard at 4am, keeping warm (and hydrated) at the kotatsu, and cramming four people in my tiny room.

We all slept in a little, got up and braved the cold to go visit Korea Town, which is located a few subways stops away from my home in Osaka. Most places were closed as New Years' Day is the most important holiday in Japan, and people are spending time with their families and visiting shrines. It was kind of fascinating to experience such a quiet Osaka, and it's probably the only time it ever happens during the year. We feasted on spicy stews and dishes that reminded me of my days in Seoul, then everyone then headed their own ways.

I've been enjoying this break so much, and my new life. Eve has been coming over for more movies and sleepovers, and I've been meeting up with different friends who are in town. I love the way I celebrated NYE, surrounded with friends from Kagawa- this year friends were all that mattered to me. Having a little bit of my former home in my new Osaka life was a pretty perfect way to ring in 2011... and thank you boys for giving me the more thoughtful gift ever, some udon from Kagawa.

{I simply ADORE those boys.}

{Pre-NYE feast from すき家.. }

{The morning after, spicy dishes in Korea town... how did we even make it there? }

{Oh... and some shopping to start the new year in style.... shopping and chocolate, thanks Elizabeth for showing me Godiva!}

{Eve and I at Miu Miu. Retail therapy.}

{Sparkly headbands are totally acceptable in Osaka. Happy New Year!}

Hello, 2011.... Hello, Osaka.


Nicole Marie said...

sounds like the perfect way to ring in the new year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you had an amazing time. I ended up in Brooklyn, but next year I think I'll do something fancy at home instead.
P.S.- Sparkly headbands should be ok everywhere!
P.P.S.- I promise to get an e-mail to you sooooon!

Kelly said...

such a fun post! you look adorable in all your pictures. and Godiva chocolate is SO good :)

Happy New Year's, sweet sweet SWEET blog friend!! I am beyond thankful for you and our friendship :)xx

{lovely little things} said...

Happy New Year!!

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

Marc and Miu Miu - great places to do some holiday shopping! Happy New Year!

Leah said...

Girl, you did some SHOPPING! I miss Japan money...

Gary Wilkinson said...

Thanks for giving us an amazing New Year Vivian, hope 2011 brings you the best year possible :)