Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday night in the city

The difference between living in the countryside and in the city is that on any given night in Osaka, there is always something happening. When I spend a Friday night at home doing absolutely nothing and loving it, I do it because I want to, and not out of necessity and boredom.

After an exhausting week at the kindy (the kiddies are hard work, but I ADORE them so so much!), my idea of a perfect Friday night included a delicious seafood salad (fresh salmon, scallops, crab and shrimp), a homemade avocado dip, a pajama run at the conbini for some chocolate, milk tea, texts to friends who were doing the exact same thing on their side of town, Shout Out Louds, Built to Spill, an epic night run at Osaka castle, and just finally taking a pause... because everything has been happening so fast, and I still don't fully grasp the fact that I live here.

{Shout Out Louds... my song of the week}


Gary Wilkinson said...

Its nice to see you arent burning yourself out in the osakan madness yet, plus there is nothing like a relaxing friday night with a glass of wine under the kotatsu chatting away.

Al said...

Any night with Built To Spill is a good night.

Michi said...

City life in Osaka sounds incredibly charming. *sigh* I'll admit, I'm envious!

Henry Kenyon said...

I love your blog(s)! I found you from searching Marugame (my friend is from there, unfortunately I guess), and it's so cool that you are loving Japan so hard! I live outside Osaka now for a year-long university exchange, and I had to shout out to your Built to Spill namedrop.

Did you do JET in Marugame? I am thinking about doing that in 2012.