Monday, December 6, 2010

Whirlwind Kansai

{Guess where I'll live...}

A little weekend jaunt to Kansai that combined business and fun: flat-hunting, and (trying to) enjoy the sights with my lovely friend Lorianne. Somehow, we achieved all of this in less than two days, so kudos to us...

Apartment: Found!! A cute little flat right downtown Osaka, near all the Namba fun and a few steps away from Osaka Castle. A quiet side street, and a view on some cute cafés and a trattoria. The subway station is right on my street corner, and there are about five conbinis (convenience stores) within a two-minute walk. Quite the change from the countryside. I fell in love with the neighbourhood, quiet yet lively. The apartment itself is about the same size and price as my current Marugame place (!!), but slightly older. It all looks so bare, but I know I'll make it cozy (and uh, buy some appliances). I think I will be very happy there. I live right downtown, and I can escape to Osaka Castle park to go running and breathe some fresh air.

Fun: Had!! Despite my running around back and forth between Osaka and Kyoto for various appointments (Kyoto was our escape to relax), we managed to have a lot of fun and enjoy the city vibe and foods: organic lunch of smoked salmon sandwiches and chocolate mousse at a café in Osaka, okonomiyaki dinner in Kyoto with a new Japanese friend, some rest at the hostel, a breakfast in the sun in Kyoto, a hearty Mexican lunch and margaritas (before noon, why not), a bit of browsing and shopping (Lorianne found a sleek video camera), and LOTS of riding the Osaka Loop Line... wait... I did not even shop!

Mission: Accomplished. It was a bit hectic, as finding an apartment (especially in a foreign country) is quite stressful, but having a friend along and taking the time to just enjoy the sights made it all quite pleasant and fun... and created some very fun memories. The countdown really has started now...

{This bear plays a Christmas song when the food is ready at the café...}

{A nice peaceful café in the middle of Osaka, right by Umeda station.}


Puck Litaay said...

The bear pillow is very cute, I want!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new apartment, I can't wait to see the deets! Also, only in Japan would they give you a bear that plays Xmas songs at a restaurant. Which is why it's probably the most awesome country ever (says the girl who has never been there).