Friday, December 17, 2010

Red Tape

Moving within Japan and dealing with all sorts of paperwork can be quite an ordeal, especially in a language I cannot really speak... or write. Yesterday, I had to write my address in kanji characters a total of NINE times, within two hours. Address change at the post office, and opening a new bank account and different things. Of course the staff is not allowed to help (which I wonder why, as my kanji strokes look like the work of an ambitious kindergartener), and it was mostly embarrassing, because it makes me realize I'm quite illiterate. At least now I know how to write my (old) address. The good thing is, I am learning a lot from all those experiences, but they can be so exhausting. After writing my address nine times in a row I pretty much wanted to cry and/or go to sleep. I feel so thankful for my Japanese friends here who have been amazingly kind and helpful at little tasks such as shipping my bags or inquiring about furniture issues and whatnot... and for my friends who have helped me with disposing of my stuff and letting me borrow bags and such.

{My sad attempt at kanji}

Five more days in Marugame. My lovely friends are throwing me a little farewell frolic tonight, to say goodbye to Marugame (and Takamatsu) in style... Other than that, I've been doing amazingly well at avoiding any kind of actual packing or cleaning. Saving it for the last day, of course...

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