Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nara (a deer-heavy post)

My second jaunt to the beautiful, ancient capital of Nara, where deer roam free and temples abound. It's a short train ride away from my new Osaka home, so Sonia and I went there for an afternoon of wandering around, petting the tame deer (one accidentally ate my onigiri, along with the package... I feel a bit bad...), and just enjoying a nice, cold December day. We noticed that most people looked so happy in Nara, I think it's from being around animals and seeing children laugh and taking fun pictures. Although I think feeding the deer is the worst idea ever, I hope they're leading a nice life there.

Nara is also home to the largest wooden building in the world, the magnificent Todai-ji, which hosts the largest bronze Buddha statue. Nara can easily be done as a short day trip, it's a small city and walking around the train stations you can see most temples, shrines, and parks.

{I got the stamp.}

{Deer warnings...}

{I did NOT feed him on purpose... I was using the onigiri smell to attract them... then he just ate it}

Can you tell I love deer?

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Pinoy Boy Journals said...

nara, for me, is the most beautiful place in Japan!