Friday, December 17, 2010

My Year in Marugame

Farewell, Marugame.

The lone train station, its drunk men and delinquent students. Percy, our favourite ticket attendant. Running along the path of the beautiful castle. The view of the Inland Sea and the Seto-Ohashi Bridge. Bike rides in the rice fields. The smell of rice fields and the sound of frogs on hot summer nights. The ichigo daifuku shop. The covered arcade, to which we'd open the roof in the middle of the night. Under The Moon, having a glass of white wine in good company. Late night sesame ramen and double riding my bike with Mitch. Practicing Japanese with Shin at my favourite café... spicy ginger tea, and an escape. Picnics at the castle. The cherry blossoms viewing in the spring. Gossip Girl marathons and green tea ice cream with Isabel, and giant salads at The Dear. Dance parties, baking cookies, and gin tonics with Jonathan. Train rides and weekends in Ayagawa for homemade pizza and french toast, sleepovers and happiness. Takamatsu for coffee, shopping, and the sea view. Riding in the last train, the longest train ride ever. My favourite shrine down the street, where I'd go late at night. Martinis, cigarettes and musings with Daniel and Adam, staying up way too late and the drunken bike ride home. Crazy Takamatsu nights with Stephanie, photo shoots on Lion Dori. Vitamin water and onigiri for breakfast. Red wine and yakisoba in my apartment, watching Friends. The Sanuki Express bus with Isabel, the feeling of escaping, the stops at Family Mart. Sipping oolong tea with Mai, countless hours spent waxing poetics about life and love. The beautiful mountains of Shikoku. The cold nights. Staying toasty in my futon. The dark sea.

My best moments.

Marugame, you'll always be so special to me.


Vivian said...

Isabel... I love that picture of us at Burns Night... although I wish we could cut those two boys by our side... haha ;)

Isabel said...

haha I know! This post made me feel so so nostalgic. We moaned and had our meltdowns so often, but I think that Marugame will always be so special to us. :)

Jen said...

Aw, what an awesome, special year it was! This is a great post, Vivian, and it's one you can look back on to remember your time in Marugame.

BTW, did I see in my Reader that you were the "Lost girl of the Week" this week??? Congratulations!

Good luck in the next step of your adventure.

{lovely little things} said...

Good luck on the next leg of your Japan adventure - hope I get to visit again soon!!

spinsterschoolteacherwithcats said...

Love, love, love your reflections on your time in Marugame! I had three good (some great times and some not-as-great times balance to good overall) years there! I loved pizza and salad lunches at Dear; hikes up the castle path; nights out in the "Big City" and days exploring Ritsurin Park; riding my bike everywhere; the beaches; the day trips and the weekend trips to get out; movies in Sakaide; my family of foreign and Japanese friends who I still keep in touch with 15 years after I left! Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane! :)

Vivian said...

Wow!! It's always nice to read about other people who have lived in Marugame! No matter how grey and boring this place could be, there is no way I'll ever forget it, and I'll always have fond memories of it. I met some of my closest friends there. It's so special.