Thursday, December 16, 2010

Japanese lesson #2

Natsukashii なつかしい

Natsukashii means nostalgia, or longing for something you miss or desire. I feel a little natsukashii these days, as I'm packing up and looking back on my year in Marugame. I'm excited, relieved and ready to leave, but part of me feels sad to say farewell to such a big chunk of my life. My first steps in Japan... it seems like I moved to Marugame just yesterday, roaming the old streets and finding some charms and excitement. And the friends I met here... friendships and any relationships are always intensified when you live abroad, as we all share something so special and specific.

I really, really need to pack... wish I could hire someone to do it while I'm out and about enjoying my last days here.

{The state of my apartment, as of today. Sigh.}

{I'll miss those faces...}

{My lovely girls. Notice how they spell my name, with the B, as it's the Japanese pronunciation. I'm trying hard to teach them to say V. They think I'm married to this other English teacher Mitch, too... love love.}

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