Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Chillwave

{Chillwave, courtesy of my friend Mike}

The weather is getting colder, and turns out I'm moving to Osaka in less than two weeks.


A bit (or A LOT) earlier than expected, but most likely for the best. It will give me more time to settle in the city, and spend the holidays in Osaka and have friends visit me and keep me company in my new downtown abode.

Yet, it also means cleaning, packing, figuring out how to ship my belongings, buying appliances (hello, fridge and stove- all in Japanese, too), and most importantly, saying goodbye to my life in Marugame. I'm happy and excited to leave, but it feels bittersweet. I built a comforting little home for myself here in Marugame, and met wonderful friends. It also feels rushed, yet welcomed, since I have been ready to leave since the end of the summer. Exciting, yet stressful: as easy as it is for me to do things like moving across the world on a whim, smaller things like buying appliances or changing my address are tasks that drive me completely insane. It's all a part of growing up, isn't it?

I'm also finally starting to get into the holiday spirit, thanks to some great cheerful friends, and as things are finally falling into place naturally.

Back to cleaning, packing, shipping, and taking deep breaths...


thevoyageofv said...

The end result of moving is fantastic, but the actual process is a pain in the ass! Packing, cleaning, parting ways... No thanks. No fun at all. But you're going to be so happy in Osaka!

Kelly said...

how exciting!!! yay to new and fast changes! Good luck with the packing + cleaning. Just remember to embrace everything :)


Nicole Marie said...

oh i'm so excited for you!! you are a city girl so i'm sure you're so excited! can't wait to hear and read about your new adventures! good luck with packing and moving!

Corie said...

Good luck with the move! Looking forward to reading about Osaka life :)