Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What I miss

I surprisingly have not been homesick much at all since I got to Japan, unlike back in Korea. Maybe I got used to living abroad and dreamed of Japan for so long that I got used to the idea of being far away. I do get difficult days when I long for the comforting joys of home and family and friends, especially now with the autumn weather getting chillier and reminding me of home. I've also been away from my family and friends for a year now, and even though it flew by, they're still in my thoughts all the time.

{Happy Montreal times in my lovely Hutchison apartment}

Here are a few things I miss from home, in no specific order:

- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
- The streets of Montreal in the Fall
- Montreal bagels
- Cocoa Locale, the most amazing cake shop
- Sidewalk caf├ęs
- Going to concerts
- St-Laurent street
- Reading magazines in English
- Going out for Sunday brunch in the Mile End
- My mom's cooking
- My roommate
- Hummus and pita bread
- Breakfast cereal variety
- Speaking French
- Blending in

I don't miss as many things as I did back in Korea. Life for me is much easier and smoother than it ever was in Korea, and I LOVE Japanese food, so I'm quite content with everything I eat. I also make my life more comfortable by not skimping on small household items that make a big difference- such as a French coffee press or tons of blankets. Even though I'm only here temporarily, it's important to make myself feel at home. Simple things like ordering English books online or watching my favourite movies don't cost much and make me so happy.

I also think my lack of homesickness has a lot to do with attitude. Back in Korea, I was trying to re-create my Montreal life, therefore missing most of the elements I didn't have, instead of soaking in the new culture. I learned my lesson. In Japan, I immersed myself a lot more into the culture, learning the language and trying new foods and ways of living, and that makes the whole difference.

I have a whole other list of things that make me never want to leave Japan...


Anonymous said...

You have such a good attitude, Viv. Homesickness is the worst but whether or not it will ruin your stay is up to attitude. I get homesick pretty often, despite the fact that Sweden is home in its own right. A few things I miss:
-the radio stations
-eating out at a good restaurant without overpaying
-people who are direct and not passive aggressive
-the Food Network
-that people understand all the jokes and references on Family Guy

Kelly said...

i LOVE that picture of yours. it's been a favorite of mine since the first time you posted it :)

love your list; those are great things to miss :)

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

I can relate to missing Reese's PB cups... they are the only type of chocolate that I crave from home! However, I found and made this no-bake recipe that is simple, delicious and tastes almost identical!

Vivian said...

Kelly- Thanks! I knew you'd remember that picture ;)

Natalie- Thanks for the recipe! I'm excited to try it... yum! How are things going for you?

Nicole Marie said...

hahah i remember your posts saying how much you missed peanut butter cups haha.
don't understand why the whole world doesnt have ranch, reeses and mac and cheese

Vivian said...

Nicole- YES!!! Although I don't miss Mac n Cheese so much this time around, I can easily find it at the import store, and I don't actually buy it very often. I must have changed!! Haha.

Anonymous said...

The part about adapting to the culture around you and not trying to recreate the one you're used to is really good advice. I have to admit though, the "breakfast cereal variety' mention made me laugh. If I ever move abroad, I see that being near the top of my things-I-miss list. I'm addicted.

- Carmen.

Miyan said...

blending in is never fun =) jk! give me your address and ill ship your some reeces from israel, they suprisingly have them here!! haha!

Frishta said...

Hey, if the Osaka plans work out for Christmas then I would more than love to use french to the point where it irritates the others ;)