Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween has been fairly recently embraced by Japan, and children enjoy dressing up and participating in Halloween-themed lessons at school. And, of course, the candy that comes along.

Last night I skipped the foreigner Halloween drunken fiesta (my heart just wasn't there) and opted for the more dignified option of a fancy Italian feast with my Japanese friend, then some cocktails at a fine establishment with other delightful friends.

On the train ride back (the last train to Marugame is at midnight, and it's always fully packed with drunken people), I ran into some of my fellow Marugame dwellers, and took a few fun snapshots:

{My friend is dressed up as a typical "yanki", which is a delinquent student style complete with dyed hair and gangster attitude. It's a very popular subculture in Japan.}

{Another yanki and lovely Alice in Wonderland. Drunken dude standing up in the background hurled in the train right after that. Ew. Sophistication at its best.}

{Me and the yankis. My friend on the right is wearing the typical Japanese high school uniform jacket.}

I'm thankful for amazingly kind and caring friends who make living in this small community a lot more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

I like Halloween, but it's never been my most favorite holiday. I'm terrible when it comes to thinking up cool costume ideas! But I'm even less enthusiastic since I've moved to Sweden. It's just not the same as celebrating at home, something is missing...

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Sounds like a perfect Halloween! Mine was pretty low key as well & I have no complaints!!

Hope you're doing well, Vivi ♥