Friday, October 8, 2010

Some Kagawa Love

A slow, rainy night spent scribbling on wooden blocks at Marugame's dirtiest (but friendliest) little bar, in great company:

{Kagawa is my prefecture, the smallest one in Japan. We're famous for udon.}

{Hello Kitty, or Hello Neko, in this case. Neko means cat in Japanese, it's another word I love.}

{My sad attempt at writing Marugame in Kanji characters... and that's my name below, in Katakana.}

Even though I am sometimes bored in the countryside, I feel happiest when I'm doing the most simple things, surrounded with my favourite people:

{Shinya, the owner of my favourite café, with the hen pen Isabel sent him. He's one of my favourite people in Marugame. I want to keep learning Japanese so I can tell him more things.}

{He collects animal pens, here's his entire collection: bear, dog, lion, tiger, pig...}

{He made me promise to go see him every single day at the café until I leave Marugame. I'm trying!}

It's been nice lately, I've started to appreciate all the little things -good and bad- that shaped my experience in Marugame.

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