Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shotengai Photo Shoot

Shotengai 商店街 are a type of outdoor shopping mall that is very popular in every city in Japan- big or small. It's a covered shopping arcade, with restaurants, stores, game centers, and convenience stores.

The Marugame (my small town) shotengai is quite small and eerie, mostly has outdated shops, and has a seventies vibe. It looks like a ghost town, and there are wild dogs roaming about. At night, it gets very dark, and it's almost scary to bike or walk through it.

On the other hand, the Takamatsu (my nearest 'big' city) shotengai is very large and lit up. In fact, Takamatsu might be famous for having the longest covered arcade in all of Japan. There are nice, modern shops such as Zara and MUJI, luxury shops, Starbucks café and a plethora of restaurants and department stores. I used to find arcades ugly and obsolete, but they're slowly growing on me, and I find them kind of fascinating.

On Saturday night, after a scrumptious Jamaican meal accompanied with one too many beers, my friend Stephanie and I had a little photo shoot, running up and down the shotengai. We got many smiles and stares from passers-by, but we didn't mind, it was just so much fun! Here's a peek at a typical Japanese shotengai:

{Lion Dori street, or "sketchy dori" as we like to call it}


Principessa said...

I love both of your outfits!

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

Your outfits are always very stylish.