Monday, October 11, 2010

Osaka Mini Choco Banana

After trying the infamous Tokyo Banana, I became curious about banana sweets in Japan. I found the Osaka version of the Tokyo banana, and it was quite interesting. My friend and I sampled both, and we spent a few minutes comparing notes about both.

The Tokyo Banana is a spongy cake with a banana-flavoured custard filling, and it's very much like a Twinkie.

The Osaka Banana is a dry chocolate cake, with a creamy banana filling, and it's more like a Swiss roll cake. The Osaka Mini Choco Banana was in fact very tiny, and I managed to get it all squished in my handbag, so sorry for the poor quality of the picture.

I don't know which one I prefer. Both were amazing, paired with tea. I highly recommend picking them up to try or for presents if you travel to Tokyo and Osaka. I wonder if other Japanese cities have them, too.

Um, I think I officially have too much time on my hands. Please take the banana snacks away from me!


Miyan said...

I love banana and I love twinkies, but I don't know about this one...

I bet I'd like it if I tried it. They have some pretty funky Middle Eastern desserts here in Israel as well.

mina said...

I had a choco banana at Tokyo Disney Sea and it was pieces of bananas dipped in chocolate and then frozen. It was so good on a hot day and I've been meaning to try an make them since.

We bought Tokyo Bananas at the airport as gifts for people before we left! ( See here.)

Calla said...

Hi, where did you buy the Osaka Banana Cake? Was it in Tokyo? Thanks for your help.


Vivian said...

Calla- I bought the Osaka Mini banana in Osaka! You can find it at more omiyage shops.... Tokyo has its own version but it's a bit different! I love both.