Friday, October 22, 2010

October wanderings

October has to be the most gorgeous month in Japan: the weather is still very warm during the day, but the nights are crisp, and it's just perfection.

I've been feeling quite lighthearted since I made the decision to move to Osaka. It allows me to properly enjoy my last few months here, and to explore all of Kagawa and spend time with my favourite people. I've had so much fun around here lately, whether it's home cooked dinners at friends' houses, late nights roaming Takamatsu streets, long bike rides by the sea, hours spent at caf├ęs, and overdoses of gyoza. I also started feeling more comfortable with spending time on my own, studying Kanji, watching endless Seinfeld marathons, and going running at the castle.

I knew things would be different (and difficult) that day Isabel left Japan, when we said good bye at the train station and I pleaded her to not leave me alone in this place. Yet, life goes on, and I did fine, even though I miss her every day. I'm lucky to have a tight group of kind friends, which made my life here so amazing. I've been in Japan for a year now. It's been so challenging at times, but oh so rewarding.

I'm off to Kyoto for a few days. I'll be meeting up with my dear friend from Seoul, whom I haven't seen for almost two years. It will be lovely to reminisce about Korea, to catch up, and to explore Kyoto. I could not think of a more perfect place to catch up with a close friend. I'll probably drop by Osaka afterwards since it's next door, and say hello to my next home, and get acquainted with it.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've been in Japan for a year now. I remember our emails and how you were so excited and so nervous, but you definitely knew it was the right thing for you. I admire so much that you've gone on your own to a place that is so different from your home and still managed to create a space for yourself there. Not always easy, but definitely right!

Existential in Japan said...

Good decision to move to Osaka imo! =) It's where I lived during my time as a study abroad student and I absolutely LOVE it there! <3

The heart of Japan in my opinion. So much culture and the people (not to mention the FOOD!) are all great!

{lovely little things} said...

How did I miss this? You're moving to OSAKA? Big News!! So exciting, when? What part of the city are you going to move to?

Rosemary said...

Best of luck on the move! And have a blast in Kyoto. Lots of pics, please? ;)

Miyan said...

Be strong!

It's mine & Israel's 2nd year anniversaty :) and its difficult everyday, but the experience is so worth it! I really enjoy reading your blog...keep it going!!!!!