Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(Not) Alone in Kyoto

My dear friend Gina visited me for a few days in Japan, so we met up in Kyoto. We had such a wonderful time walking around this beautiful city, stumbling upon temples and shrines, discovering hidden alleys, and just soaking up the beauty of Kyoto while catching up as if no time had passed.

Oh, Kyoto. Green tea soy lattes. Fushimi Inari and its red torii gates. Rainy Ponto-Cho alley at night. Staying up late and chatting. Tea and hot chocolate. Hearty okonomiyaki. Maps and getting lost in the little streets. Peaceful canals and weeping willows. Ice cream in the park. Pumpkin pie and vegetarian fare at Café Proverbs near Kyoto University. Meeting up with my other friends who live in the prefecture. Sitting under the bridge. Green tea and cinnamon yatsuhashi. Lots, and lots of walking. And lots of laughing. True friendship at its best.

{We couldn't get enough of the beautiful torii gates and the long paths}

{We saw a cat and its kitten at the temple}

{If you go to Kyoto, you must have a meal at Café Proverbs, a vegetarian café}

{We were blessed with gorgeous fall weather and lots of sunshine}

{Shinbashi street is said to be the most beautiful street in Asia}

{Thanks for coming to Japan, Gina! I miss you already.}

Now time to go back to grey little Marugame, with a twinge of sadness and apprehension... but I can survive here a bit longer, right?! Countdown has started.


Anonymous said...

I would really love to see those gates in person one day, so beautiful! And thank you for starting my day off with a picture of a kitten. I really needed it!

French lover said...

I love the Lost in T's soundtrack reference ;) It's one of my favorite songs by Air.

I miss Kyoto.

Principessa said...

I love your outfit!

{lovely little things} said...

Fushiri-Inari was my favorite shrine - so beautiful! Omigosh, I want to go back NOW! Maybe we'll have to come back and visit you in Osaka!!!

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

The color of those gates are lovely and it sounds like you had an amazing day with great friends, views and food!

Rosemary said...

Catching up with friends while taking a lovely stroll is one of my favorite things ever. And that cat with her kitten is precious. I can't get over those bright orange posts--they're gorgeous!

Miyan said...

Wow- Shinbashi street is beautiful from the photo you took. So pretty!

And that kitten is ADORABLE!!


Anonymous said...

I think that river and bridge is the one from the bridge scene in "Memoires of a Geshia" Fantastic movie by the way, even if it isn't at all realistic!