Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kyoto Magic

I treated myself to a little Kyoto getaway on this rainy Sunday.

Just me, and Kyoto. It was perfection.

After a short night of sleep (went a little nuts in Takamatsu the night before, and received various phone calls from my stalker at 4am, sigh), I caught an early ride, and spent the day in the most magical place in the world (which is NOT Disneyland, in my opinion).

It was a bit rainy, but Kyoto looks even more beautiful in the rain. I saw some temples, walked in tiny alleys, caught a glimpse of a Maiko, sat at cafes and wrote, and listened to music. It was very quiet, and very relaxing. I drank some green tea, and ate my favourite sweets, Yatsuhashi. I watched the Shinkansen come and go on the tracks.

It made me feel nostalgic of the summer days spent here with my mom, and with Isabel too- how many times had we enjoyed this place and created memories. It made me feel a bit sad, but surprisingly not lonely at all. Kyoto is the kind of city that can be very much enjoyed on your own. I tend to always revisit my favourite temples and streets, so I didn't feel guilty about that. I actually wandered around aimlessly, and it was exactly what I wanted.

I miss the days when I used to share the hostel's twin room with Isabel and stay up until dawn, but instead I got the full female dormitory to myself since no one else is here on a Sunday night. Bliss!

I love being close enough to this wonderful city, which is my escape place whenever I need it. Kyoto, as always, is soothing, charming, and too beautiful for words.


French lover said...

Sounds like the perfect getaway. I miss Kyoto <3

hoihoi51 said...

my favorite Kyoto song
English ver.

Kristina said...

ach, I would love to visit Kyoto. Must be truely magical! Have a nice week, hopefully with less stalker calls :)
Viele Gruesse, Kristina

Leah said...

Vivian, your blog makes me miss Japan oh so much. Are you moving to Osaka??

Leah said...
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