Monday, November 1, 2010

Japan, one year later.

A year ago today, I arrived in Japan.

I remember being so nervous packing my bags and saying goodbye to Montreal, being completely clueless about what would come next. I also remember feeling so peaceful and lighthearted as soon as I boarded the plane that would take me to my first (temporary) home in Nagoya.

I did not know what I was getting into, as I was taking a big plunge into the unknown. Little did I know that I'd meet a close group of people that would become my best friends for the rest of the year, and probably for a lifetime. I remember walking into the convenience store on my first day, and stumbling upon two confused, tall foreigners (aka the Mikes!), and instantly feeling at ease and happy around like-minded fellow wanderlusters.

{Epic times in training.}

So much has happened in a year, so many new friendships, so many discoveries, so many train rides and trips around Japan. I still love Japan just as much as that first day, and maybe even more. The euphoric feeling is gone, but it has been replaced by steady happiness and ease, despite challenging moments (especially lately, dealing with small town living).

I had no idea it would be so difficult and lonely at times, but I also had no idea how amazing it would be, and the wonderful people I would meet. Lots of things have changed since then and will keep changing for the next bit, but the love story I have with this country has not.

And I love how the euphoria comes back at random times, and when I realize that yes, I do live in Japan, and I adore it.

Happy birthday to me and Japan <3


Principessa said...


Corie said...

What a sweet entry. I hope your love affair with Japan continues in the year ahead.

Anonymous said...

You and Japan are a match made in heaven. I've loved following your time there and am always so impressed and happy that you followed you dream, heart and instinct.

Vee said...

hope you had a love anniversary :) it's getting harder and harder for me to recall any of my korean memories :(

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you'll continue to have lots of great experiences in Japan :)

Kelly said...

this is such a sweet post :)
you are constantly inspiring people {like me!} with your story.

Nicolekathrin said...

So cute :) so, are you going to stay longer in Japan?