Friday, October 15, 2010

Before 9 am

Apparently lots can happen before 9am, on a Saturday morning. I'm never usually up before that time, since my work schedule is mostly late afternoons and evenings. Even though running by the harbour late at night is quite exquisite, maybe I'm missing out on sunny mornings like today.

After a late, late Friday night filled with white wine and delicious goma ごま ramen (sesame broth), an 8am wake up call was a bit brutal. However, it was all for a good cause:

I picked up my 'new' bike.

Alas, my dearly beloved Blair Buttercream was never recovered. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow my friend Daniel's bike, and he was generous enough to let me have it for as long as I needed. Surprise surprise, my friend Jonathan managed to get his hands on a free bike, and that's my new companion for the remaining of my time in Marugame. It's a standard grey bike, but I adorned it with stickers, so I can recognize it among the crowds of look-alike bikes. Thank goodness for kind friends, and free bikes.

Getting up so early deserved a treat, so we found the best breakfast food we could find around here. One thing I dearly miss about home is breakfast and brunch. The brunch trend hasn't picked up much in Japan like it had in Seoul- at least not in rural Japan. Japanese do love family restaurants such as Denny's, which do exist here. We hit one of those chains (Gusto Skylark) for a version of a Western breakfast, and it wasn't so bad. It's the best breakfast we could find in Marugame, on a Saturday morning. They have a free juice and coffee bar, and that made my day.

Time for a much-needed midday nap.


hoihoi51 said...

i think there are many kissa-ten(喫茶店,cafe)marugame like other place in japan.
they usealy provide mornig set
you may find good one
i think it is reasonable price.

Vivian said...

Thanks for the tip!! I do know many cafés/kissaten in Marugame, but none of them have the morning set- they all open at 11:30. If anyone out in Marugame knows about a morning set, please give me a shout!

But thanks, i'll keep looking :)

hoihoi51 said...

Vivian said...

Great article!!! Thank you, so interesting!
I'm surprised- I've never really been to a Japanese home so I had no idea. Do you think it's more common in big cities? Maybe Shikoku is still very traditional. I remember when I lived in Nagoya for a month I could find Morning sets everywhere, so easily. I can just make it at home, too.

hoihoi51 said...

marugame kissaten

I think the kissaten where is located near station may provides it for salaryman?
there is a sign for morning set in front of kissaten

Vivian said...

Thanks for that link! So kind! I'll definitely keep my eyes open... also maybe I'd notice more signs if I was actually awake before 10 am.. ;)

Principessa said...

I'm glad you got a "new" bike. It sucks that yours was stolen.

Anonymous said...

There is truly nothing a little French toast can't fix, right? I made sure to get my fill while I was home this week, cause Lord knows the only way I'm going to get any here is if I make it myself. And that's just not the same.

Leah said...

It took me over a year to discover breakfast sets in Japan, but they're WONDERFUL and oh so cheap. Absolutely worth getting out of bed in the morning. You should go to Marysol cafe in Takuma near the Marine Wave some morning. It was my favorite cafe and their breakfast set is great. If you make it there, please tell Kanako I say Hi!!!