Monday, September 27, 2010

Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana is the most popular souvenir to buy in Tokyo. As I mentioned before, each region in Japan has a specific type of omiyage (souvenir) to bring back to families and colleagues when Japanese people take trips.

I received a Tokyo Banana as a gift. I was curious about it, and I wonder why they chose the banana as a filling, as bananas are not very Japanese. It's basically a sponge cake filled with banana custard. It's very similar to a Twinkie. I ate it for breakfast and it was quite delicious, not as chemical as I thought it would be.

{Do you like my nail polish? It's a kind of mauve, perfect for autumn. Thanks, Chanel.}

My other favourite omiyage is Yatsuhashi, a delicious sweet made of cinnamon, sugar and rice paste. It can be found in Kyoto, and that sweet alone is worth the trip. Please try the green tea kind, it's the most divine treat, paired with black tea.


Anonymous said...

Why is everything in Japan so cute?

Rachel said...

Hey I have that same nail polish. I agree, everything in Japan is so cute.

{lovely little things} said...

I never tried a Tokyo Banana, but I did try one of those Kyoto rice paste dumpling, sweet and good!

mina said...

You've just reminded me of all the amazing matcha desserts we had there. How about I post you some Montreal bagels and you send me some Japanese sweets?