Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silver Week

This week marked another important Japanese holiday, called Silver Week. It covers a string of consecutive Japanese national holidays, just like Golden Week does. Many Japanese families travel back to their hometowns and visit ancestors' graves. It's a good time but crowded and stressful time to travel, as trains are packed, and hotels are booked, so I chose to stay around my area to relax, see friends, and enjoy the start of autumn weather. Here's what took place, in no particular order:

- I slightly drove myself crazy (what's new)
- Ate the best Gyoza with lots of beers
- Did some fun window shopping
- Tons of girl talk
- Late night Skype chats
- Veggie burgers take out (Hello, Mos Burger)
- Drunken train rides back to Marugame
- Baked a vanilla cake
- Long uphill runs at the harbour
- Planned my escape
- Dreamed of Tokyo and Osaka
- Had a business meeting in Okayama
- Got stranded in a rice field, with a bad map and a dead bird
- Lots and lots of Starbucks while in a real city
- Karaoke on a Tuesday night
- Jamaican food in Takamatsu
- Juice bar at the local Joyfull (a family restaurant chain)
- Wrote letters
- Watched silly Japanese game shows on tv

Found comfort in the smallest things. I've been feeling a bit lost and lonely lately here, but all this alone time has been very productive in so many ways, and has brought positive changes.

{My take on business dress code. Nice change from my teaching duds.}

{Strawberry milk I always buy at Takamatsu station for the long train ride back to Marugame. Tip: do NOT mix with beer.}

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French lover said...

Les grands magasins de Paris (Printemps, Galeries Lafayette) ont des événements/tarifs (en fait je ne sais pas exactement de quoi il s'agit car tout est expliqué en japonais... duh !) pour les Silver & Golden week. Je trouve ça hallucinant !!
I'm glad you're doing good sweetie ! xo