Monday, September 13, 2010

Osaka, I love you.

Osaka, I love you for being so far yet so close when I need an escape from the rice fields and a disastrous week.

A mini getaway to Osaka is exactly what I needed to feel refreshed and happy again. Meeting up with close friends I had missed. Meeting new friends. Dancing all night, and walking around Osaka until sunrise. Handsome Australian boys. Green tea and crème brûlée lattes at Starbucks on Sunday morning. Midnight snacks on the roof of my hostel. Cat Cafés. Make your own Takoyaki. Playing video games in an arcade. Shopping at H&M. Being stylish and sophisticated again. Riding the Osaka subway on a Monday morning, feeling at home.

{Osaka by day. Grimy and a little dirty, but that's why I love Osaka.}

{Me and my friend Mike from Kyoto, dancing until the wee hours. We missed the other Mike.}

{The cat café. You can have coffee and play with the cats. I'm not sure they really liked me, but they were cute.}

{My favourite youth hostel. Even though my poor bunk bed was left empty on Saturday night, it was good to have a place to shower, nap, change, keep my bags, and call home.}

{Takoyaki, or pieces of fresh octopus in batter. We went to this restaurant where you can cook it yourself: your mix the ingredients- batter, octopus, scallops, ginger, green onions, tempura flakes- and grill it at your table. The staff kept a close eye on us foreigners, worried we'd mess something up...}

{Do you recognize this video game? It was featured in Lost in Translation. Of course. I loved, loved playing it!! You just bang on the drums following a rhythm, while those little characters jump up and down and make silly faces. I love Japan.}

{Me and Charlie. Don't hate me for posting this pic! He's my new coworker, and we met up on Sunday. He's oh-so-stylish and intimidatingly cool. He's from NYC, and we both share a love for luxurious things, writing blogs, and big cities. Hello, new travel buddy!}

Thank goodness for Osaka. It was everything I wanted, and everything I needed right now. Three days was too short, but I'll be back again. いつも。

*Thanks Charlie for the amazing pictures! Go read his version here.


LH said...

brings back memories of last month! Loved reading this & I love Osaka too & can't wait to go back. When are you visiting Seoul?

Charlie said...

Ahahaha, perhaps one of the least flattering pictures taken of me in recent history. Bahaha. Partially my fault. Yay us!

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

It looks like you had an amazing time! I would love that takoyaki place.

Vivian said...

Charlie, I just noticed how tired I look! Ugh. All nighter.