Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So long, summer

It's officially September in Japan, but the weather still feels like August, with highest humidity levels possible. I recently got my hands on those snapshots of Isabel's sayonara party, and I thought they were beautiful and pretty much summed up my summer in Marugame... friendship, bike rides, coffee, and beautiful things.

{Friends at Marugame station}

{A twee deer at my favourite café}

{With Shin, the lovely owner of said café}

{Riding bikes near the museum}

It was a lovely summer.


Lauren London said...

Great photos! Seemed like you had an amazing summer! :)

E said...

The photo of Isabel's profile and an out-of-focus Vivian is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful life you lead :-)

Annika said...

Atsui desu ne? ( However those words always start some conversation at least). I am so envious that you can really LIVE in Japan, you are so lucky!
By the way, I am in Kyoto right now and I really wanted to find Green Tea Kitkats. It was so high on my list, I went for quite an odyssee and visited every Family Mart, Lawson, Ka and 7 Eleven on the way. But no Green Tea Kitkats(just Salt and Caramel as a more special flavour). I am devastated! Where do you buy Green Tea Kitkats? Please tell m

Vivian said...

Annika! Atsui desu, yo!

As for the Green Tea Kit Kats... I'm sad to tell you they seem to be off the market as of now! I've been looking EVERYWHERE. I think it was a seasonal thing, now have been replaced with the salty caramel ones.

If one place has them, it would be Kyoto, the capital of Green tea, but I cannot be 100% sure. SADNESS!