Thursday, August 26, 2010

I heart ballet

My friend recently introduced me to a ballet instructor in Marugame, a lovely former professional ballerina. I mentioned that I took ballet for most of my youth (starting at age 3, I have pictures in my pink leotard), and she invited me to join her classes. The studio is conveniently located down the street (how could I not have found it before now), and I've now been starting again on something I've always enjoyed.

I was a bit worried about not being able to keep up (and understanding a class held in Japanese), but my instructor reassured me that my body would remember. And indeed it did. It came rather naturally, and although I have to build up my muscle strength and work out my flexibility, I feel so happy to be back into it. I had forgotten how much I love to dance, and it's a workout I enjoy doing, just like running.

I do realize that my presence in the class as the sole foreigner stirred some excitement, but the girls in the class were so nice to me, which made me feel more comfortable. Ballet is a wonderful workout, it requires so much strength and balance, and it's good for the soul... I feel so lighthearted again. Bliss!

I did trade my pink leotard for a black one, but I'm still loving those white tights.


thevoyageofv said...

Oh, Vivian, that sounds so fun! I've never tried ballet but it's so beautiful to watch. And thank you so much for your kind comment today, it really means a lot to me!

Jen said...

I love ballet too, and I'm so jealous that you're taking classes again... in Japan of all places! I'm so glad to hear you've returned and are enjoying it. It is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? :)

Corie said...

I've never been a dancer by any means, but taking those ridiculous Kpop dance classes this past year was one of the most fun things I've ever done. Glad to hear you've found a new (old) fun thing to do in your neighbourhood! Discoveries like that are definitely one of the ups of life abroad.