Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello, books (and epic hair).

Browsing bookstores and sitting down with a great book (or magazine) and a latte is one thing I really miss about home. English reading material is very difficult to find in my area of Japan, and the selection is very limited in bigger cities. I've recently discovered that Amazon Japan ships English books for free, and you can pay upon delivery, or even at the local convenience store. Brilliant!

I started reading Hitching Rides With Buddha by Will Ferguson, the tale of an English teacher who hitchhiked his way across Japan. It's such a a treat to read, and I can definitely relate to his observations of Japanese culture.

This hot weather got me into hibernation mode, so the past week has been filled with movies, books, studying Japanese, more movies, an unexpected cold, and a stop at MUJI to stock up on home essentials, such as coffee and seaweed hair products. Speaking of hair, my hair is at its lion mane-esque peak, thanks to the hottest and most humid Japanese summer ever experienced. Right now that's how big my hair is, I think it's pretty epic, so here's a picture:

{The size of my hair on any given day usually determines the level of humidity. I should also clean my mirror.}

August is a bit slow, no fun weekend trips or anything that requires spending too much time outside, but I'm saving it all up for autumn!


Rachel said...

I love reading your blog and I love muji, except for my muji doesn't have coffee and seaweed hair products.

mina said...

you look awesome!